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In his life, Luca Stefano Papini Jr. has already done a lot. Deputy Managing Director of the Labor-Bar in Zurich, door boss at the legendary Kaufleuten in Zurich, Secretary of Heinz Spoerli and hairdesigner Valentino, party organizer, DJ in nearly all clubs, Warm-Upper on Swiss television and of course everyone knows the drag queen Tara LaTrash.


Even as an 8-year-old, Luca he stood on stage with the unique Heidi Abel at the Kurtheater in Baden. After the commercial apprenticeship, he signed with Club Med as an animator. Than on a Greek island turned out the drag queen; Papini jumped, and Tara was born. The last name was "it" until a few years later, when he met Ru Paul to a joint appearance says :"You look like trash". He liked it. It sounded good and also remember to gossip.

As Papini returned to Zurich in 1988, the little, big city had just begun to transform the techno scene in which the protagonists continue to shape the nightlife in the basement of the city. Papini was fast in the middle. He stood as "Luca" behind the turntables and "Tara" on stage.

Since then Papini belongs firmly to the Zurich main scene and knows all the important people. His knowledge of the scene as "Sélecteur” at the Kaufleuten can refine. He appointed a full eight years who is allowed in and who was not.

His talent Luca has already been proven countless times as a presenter of various radio- and tv-shows, happenings and events. Like also for the sixth time hosting the great Gay Pride Sitges and all the shows on stage! He speaks fleuntly, Swiss German, German, Italian, English, French and of course Spanish.
Luca proved his talent, also as a multilingual host at several national and international events.


He essentially characterizes the Swiss nightlife with charm and talent. Luca is and will remain an essential character of the Swiss nightlife with charm, talent and sympathy impressed. And a proud Gayguy fighting for the rights of all LGBT-World!

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